June 13, 2020  8:30pm

Performer: Tingstad and Rumbel

Astronomy Speaker: Dr. Elinor Gates


Tingstad and Rumbel

There is something inherently powerful about performing as a duo. It’s a marriage of sorts that showcases all the strengths, while exposing the warts and all. Paired figure skaters and dancers, they all know the power of the two man team …or one man, one woman team.

Grammy Award-winning artists, Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel, have performed and recorded music together for over 35 years.Their blending of Americana fingerstyle guitar, double reeds, ocarina, and
witty stories have endeared audiences to them everywhere they go.

Their music and stories will transport the audience from an English garden to the depths of a beautiful Northwest forest, from a waltz for coyotes to perhaps the only Norwegian flamenco dance ever written. A masterful mix of covers and original songs performed with great balance in tempo and style, the performance is introspective and refreshing.

Tingstad and Rumbel create a community with the audience. If it has been a stressful day and you need to put your cares aside, Eric and Nancy will do just that with musical charm that will take you down to the river and wash it all away.

Visit the Tingstad and Rumbel web site for more information.

Lecture Information

Dr. Elinor Gates (UCO/Lick Observatory)

Fascinating Astronomy Lecture Title

Dr. Gates is a staff astronomer at Lick Observatory specializing in laser guide star adaptive optics and near infrared camera instrumentation and observations. Before moving to Lick Observatory, she worked at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, IAU Minor Planet Center, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, and the Air Force Phillips Laboratory. Dr. Gates’ current research interests are studying quasars and their host galaxies, discovering dust obscured quasars, and measuring the masses of quasar and AGN central black holes. Asteroid (2650) Elinor is named in Dr. Gates’ honor.


Ticket Information

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Program Information

7:30 pm Doors Open Brief Telescope Visits
8:30 pm Concert, Main Hall
9:30 pm Science Talk, Lecture Hall Telescope Viewings
10:30 pm Science Talk (repeated), Lecture Hall Telescope Viewings
1:00 am Doors Close

Gift shop is open from 7:30pm-8:30pm, and reopens after the concert until 11:30pm.

More general information about the event is available at Music of the Spheres.