2024 Summer Series Public Events have been scheduled! Tickets go on sale on Wednesday April 17th at Noon!
Event Information

Evening with the Stars. Photo (c) Laurie Hatch.

2024 Summer Series

Music of the Spheres and Evening with the Stars events are continuing in 2024.  Tickets will go on sale at Noon April 17, 2024 at Eventbrite. Join our mailing list for event news and updates.  In 2024 we are also hosting Public Evening Tours and Photography Nights, for more opportunities to experience the Observatory at night.

Overview of the 44th Annual Summer Series

Experience a night to remember at Lick Observatory: Visit us for exceptional music, lectures by renowned scientists, viewings through the historical 36″ Great Refractor and the 40″ Nickel Reflector telescopes and more! Our 2024 line-up*:

June 14th, 8:30pm Evening with the Stars Dr. Emmanuel Schaan (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
June 15th, 8:30pm Evening with the Stars Dr. Raja GuhaThakurta (UC Santa Cruz)
June 28th, 8:30pm Evening with the Stars Dr. Stefano Valenti (UC Davis)
June 29th, 8:30pm Music of the Spheres White Album Ensemble Chamber Orchestra

Speaker TBD

July 12th, 8:30pm Evening with the Stars Dr. Nour Skaf (UC Santa Cruz)
July 13th, 8:30pm Music of the Spheres Samba Cruz

Dr. Christian Aganze (Stanford University)

July 26th, 8:30pm Evening with the Stars Dr. Natalie Batalha (UC Santa Cruz)
July 27th, 8:30pm Music of the Spheres Jimbo Scott

Dr. Sanjana Curtis (UC Berkeley)

August 9th, 8:00pm Evening with the Stars Dr. Steph Sallum (UC Irvine)
August 10th, 8:00pm Music of the Spheres Golden Bough

Dr. Jorge Moreno (Pomona College)

August 23rd, 8:00pm Evening with the Stars Dr. John Brewer (San Francisco State University)
August 24th, 8:00pm Evening with the Stars Dr. Claire Poppett (UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory)

*We reserve the right to change Performer or Speakers due to last minute schedule changes, illness (COVID or otherwise), etc.

Ticket Information

Tickets for the general public will go on sale on Wednesday, April 17, 2024 at noon at Eventbrite. Please email tickets@ucolick.org if you have any questions.

Due to safety regulations in the telescope domes, children must be at least 8 years of age for admission and accompanied by an adult. Due to late program hours, the programs may be difficult for children under 12.  The concert evenings (“Music of the Spheres”) are for visitors 12 and older.  All events will take place rain or shine.

Become a Friend of Lick and Get Tickets Early

The deadline for becoming a FoLO member to enjoy this member benefit is March 1st, 2024 for the 2024 Summer Series. As a thank you for supporting the observatory, members get special access to purchase tickets for the Summer Series one week before the general public. To receive updates and news from us, join our mailing list.

Our upcoming events will have the following COVID-19 safety protocols:

  • COVID-19 safety protocols may change according to the conditions in Santa Clara County and the University of California Santa Cruz policies to ensure the safety of visitors, staff and volunteers.   Ticket purchasers will be notified of the current safety protocols and masking rules shortly before the event.
  • By purchasing a ticket, you agree to abide by the COVID policies in place at the time of the event.

Blast from the Past

Check out this program from 1984!  Our marketing materials may have changed, but the program is still a classic.

1984 Music of the Spheres program