2024 Summer Series Public Events have been scheduled! Tickets go on sale on Wednesday April 17th at Noon!
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Evening with the Stars. Photo (c) Laurie Hatch.

The Lick Observatory Volunteers are a dedicated collection of people interested in astronomy and eager to share their enthusiasm for Lick Observatory and the skies above.

Volunteers assist with events, such as our Music of the Spheres and Evening with the Stars programs, sharing their telescopes with the public, cataloging items in the archives, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Public Programs Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@ucolick.org.

” As a volunteer, the greatest satisfaction is to contribute to the effort at Lick Observatory.  Like the Lick Astronomers before and now, that contributed to our greater understanding of Astronomy, as a volunteer you share in that knowledge and bring that experience to the public.  There is no greater satisfaction than sharing your knowledge of Lick Observatory and the Lick experience to others.”
Andy Macica, volunteering at Lick since August 1998