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Evening with the Stars. Photo (c) Laurie Hatch.

June 14th, 2024  8:30pm

Astronomy Speaker:  Dr. Emmanuel Schaan

Lecture Information

Dr. Emmanuel Schaan (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)

A Cosmic shadow theater: How galaxy silhouettes reveal their dark side

The afterglow from the Big Bang, the “cosmic microwave background”, acts as the backlight in a shadow theater where galaxies are the protagonists. The resulting galaxy shadows contain unique information about the invisible components of galaxies, such as their cold gas and dark matter, which hold clues to the nature of dark matter, dark energy, and the formation of galaxies. I will present some of the scientific efforts to reveal these galaxy silhouettes, using unprecedented cosmic microwave background experiments and galaxy surveys.

Emmanuel Schaan is a Staff Scientist at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. As a cosmologist, he studies the origin and evolution of the Universe, by analyzing data from large telescopes in the US, Chile and space. His work focuses on the cosmic microwave background, the earliest light visible after the Big Bang, and on the large-scale distribution of galaxies. Emmanuel grew up in Paris, France before moving to Princeton, NJ, Berkeley, CA and finally to Redwood City, CA. He loves astrophotography, tinkering, electronics and DIY projects.

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Program Information

7:30 pm Doors Open Brief Telescope Visits
8:30 pm Science Talk, Lecture Hall History Talk, Great Refractor Telescope Dome
9:30 pm Science Talk (repeated), Lecture Hall Telescope Viewings
10:30 pm History Talk (repeated), Lecture Hall Telescope Viewings
1:00 am Doors Close

Gift shop is open from 7:30pm until 11:30pm.

Detailed Event Program

More general information about the event is available at Evening with the Stars.