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Event Information

Dave Rocha Jazz

July 8th, 2023  8:30pm

Performer: Dave Rocha Jazz

Astronomy Speaker:  Dr. Elinor Gates

Dave Rocha Jazz

Dave Rocha has been performing with his jazz group for more than 20 years. He has played in a number of major cities, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

Dave Rocha holding a trumpet.
Dave Rocha Jazz

His band plays an eclectic mix of jazz standards (by Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, John Coltrane, etc.) “pop” tunes (Cole Porter, Gershwin and Jobim) and original compositons. This covers a wide variety of styles from up-tempo bebop, “modal” tunes, swing and blues, to latin jazz, ballads and jazz waltz.

In addition to his trumpet expertise, Rocha is also an accomplished flugelhorn player. This instrument is similar to the trumpet, but has a larger bell, which gives it a darker, mellower sound.

“Dave Rocha is a modern player out of the hard-bop tradition, with a beautiful sound and tremendous facility on the horn. You can hear the influence of Clifford Brown, Lee Morgan and others in his playing, but Dave has his own voice, and it’s a nice one!” — Dan Feiszli, Jazz bassist and recording engineer

“Dave’s playing and repertoire evokes memories of the golden era of Modern Jazz, and in addition to being a nice guy he happens to be a bebopper of the finest order.” — Chris Cortez, Jazz Radio Station KCSM

“Dave Rocha is a mature and eminently musical improviser. His sumptuous tone and cafefully chosen notes embody real musical thought. His performance of ‘Dear Old Stockholm’ at Chez Hanny evoked favorable comparisons to Miles Davis’ classic recording.”  — Frank Hanny, Host of Chez Hanny

“I always enjoy working with Dave Rocha in the studio, due to his musicianship, professionalism and excellent trumpet playing.” — Mike Cogan, Owner of Bay Records

“Dave is a pleasure to work with. He’s a phenomenal technician with chops to spare.” — Randy Vincent, Jazz guitarist

Visit Dave Rocha Jazz for more information.

Lecture Information

Dr. Elinor Gates (Lick Observatory)

New Science and Technology at Lick Observatory

Dr. Elinor Gates

Dr. Elinor Gates is a staff astronomer and the visitor services supervisor at Lick Observatory.  Her primary research interest is high tech instrumentation, specializing in laser guide star adaptive optics and near infrared camera instrumentation.  Her scientific research focuses on studying active galaxies and quasars, but she has also participated in studying the atmospheres of Neptune and Uranus, and Supernova follow-up studies.  She did her undergraduate work at Mount Holyoke College, majoring in Mathematics and Astrophysics. She received her Ph.D. in Physics/Astronomy from the University of New Mexico. Before coming to Lick Observatory in 1998, she had worked at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory/International Astronomical Union Minor Planet Center, and the Air Force Phillips Laboratory.  Her previous public education and outreach experience was as the director of the University of New Mexico campus observatory, board member of The Albuquerque Astronomical Society, and outreach coordinator for the LodeStar program. Asteroid 2650 is named Elinor in her honor.

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Program Information

7:30 pm Doors Open Brief Telescope Visits
8:30 pm Concert, Main Hall
9:30 pm Science Talk, Lecture Hall Telescope Viewings
10:30 pm Science Talk (repeated), Lecture Hall Telescope Viewings
1:00 am Doors Close

Gift shop is open from 7:30pm-8:30pm, and reopens after the concert until 11:30pm.

Detailed Event Program

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